What Are You Going To Do After College?

I have officially begun my senior year of college, which means I have been asked the same question at least a million and two times.

What are you going to do after college?

To which I respond a little too confidently – I have no clue.

If I am posed this particularly anxiety provoking question one more time, I may be forced to put more thought into it, which seems like it would cause more worry than the question itself. Please, spare me!

In all seriousness, I understand why it is the hottest topic on the block at this point in my life. Personally, when I have asked people (and I deeply apologize for doing so), I am deep down hoping their answer will be the same as mine. It is comforting knowing you are not alone – knowing that you will have an unemployed friend to talk about unemployment in a self loathing way for eternity. And for those of you who do know what you are doing, lying would be much appreciated for the sustainability of my emotional state. Trick question: does anyone actually know what they want to do after college? Or do they just end up somewhere and then decide?

I have been fortunate enough to have been able to rely on my parents financially through out college. I have almost always had a job, but most of that money has been dedicated to cover my impulsive clothing purchases and last minute flights to see friends (the necessities). The thought of taking care of myself financially has been the root of most of my anxiety when thinking about life after college. I know my parents would never leave me high and dry, but the matter of supporting myself is something I really want to be able to do. Whether it is pride or something else, I want to be able to pay for dinner when my parents come to town, not beg them to come to town because I need dinner.

One day this summer, I was reading far too much into millennial articles about money and all of that scary stuff. I remember running to my parents in a panic yelling, “I need to meet with a financial advisor! I should have a retirement plan! I am already so behind!” to which they looked at me and in the most sincere way possible told me to chill the heck out.

I had kind of put my money meltdown on the back burner until a couple of days ago. Fortunately I get to take a finance class this semester!!!!!!! (Please acknowledge the PURE sarcasm and the realization I have finally met my worst nightmare). After days of procrastination, I finally made myself sit down and take a crack at the book. Side note: can I say that since the book is actually online? Oh digital age you continue to make me question life. It took all of five seconds into the introduction before I began having the same panics I had this summer. The following conversation between my dad and I is the short, less sympathetic version of him reiterating to chill the heck out.

FullSizeRender 2

For some reason this actually did make me stop freaking out and make me think seriously about what I wanted to do after college, because apparently if you don’t do something, you don’t make money and then no fun meetings with money people and retirement plans! Right?! OK, I’m done.

So here I am, writing, because I know I want to write when I am out of college and to be honest that is really all I know at this point. I believe this is the first step in my quest to answering the most daunting question. At least I hope so. Stay tuned to find out!