Hungry in Hungary

Looking back, the logic behind my desire to make this trip made no sense. “I want to do it to prove something to myself,” I would tell people … Read More

On the Run in London!

So maybe I am a little behind on the writing thing, but I have a perfectly good excuse and it goes like this.

Lately I have been really … Read More

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Lost In Paris

Its 12 a.m. and I have yet to pack. You would think that as I have gotten older, my terrible procrastination habits would have faded and I would … Read More

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I Think I’m in Love

Week one in London is complete and I think my parents are genuinely worried I am never returning home. Don’t worry mom and dad; I could never abandon … Read More

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London Calling

I am a pretty experienced flyer for a mere 20-year-old. I know the tricks of the trade. I am familiar with the drill. I was not, however, ready … Read More