Ariana Mullins’ 10 Ways To Get Yourself Out of a Funk

I typically use the “Daily Inspirations” portion of my blog to share my favorite quotes in hopes to inspire you wonderful people. However, I feel I need to share this with you; to inspire you to finish out the semester, or get you to summer or get through any FUNK you may be in at the moment.

I have never read a more effective post on how to get out of a funk than Ariana Mullins, 10 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Funk from her blog 

Here’s my problem. I tend to set outrageously high expectations for myself in everything I do. When I do not reach my high expectations, I tend to enter a state of utter funkness. Funk may as well be my middle name. I am more prone to getting in a funk than I am to catching the common cold. Ariana’s advice to get out a funk comes close to the bible on my list of best advice books. Thats pretty freaking high up there!

My inspiration for your this week is to GO READ Ariana’s post and be proactive to get out of any funk you may be in!

I love you people